Why Are Google Business Profiles Important For Small Businesses?

Why are Google Business Profiles important for small businesses?

Google Business Profiles are important for small businesses because they allow companies to create a presence on the most popular search engine in the world. Google is the go-to search engine for many people and having a business profile listing makes it easier for potential customers to find and contact your business.  Previously called, Google […]

Keywords for Small Businesses

Keywords for Small Businesses

What are Keywords? Keywords are what connect your content to the people searching for it. Keywords for small businesses are important as they are the search terms that people enter into search engines. Interestingly they’re not just words, as the name might suggest. They are also the phrases people use to search. Let’s say I’m […]

Local SEO (A Definitive Guide)

Local SEO Guide

Are you a local supplier or provide a service to a limited area? Looking to grow the local awareness of your business online? Local SEO will be the key to your online development. In this guide, we’ll be looking into what local SEO is and how it can be beneficial. A lot of other Local […]

Customer Personas: What They Are & How They Can Help You

Customer Persona Featured Image

If you haven’t been living under a rock in the marketing world, you may have heard the term “Customer Persona” thrown around. However, many people struggle to understand what a Customer Persona is. But, if you’ve clicked on this guide, you may be searching for understanding & we’re here to give it to you! As […]

Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Success

Social Media Checklist Featured Image

Oh look, you have found your ultimate social media checklist! With this guide, we will make running your social media simpler, with manageable steps and advice (Told you it’s easy!) What is a social media checklist? A social media checklist is your go to guide of everything you need to consider, when running your socials. […]

Your Essential National Days Guide: April 2022

Monthly Planner

The concept of national days sounds so official but trust us when we tell you. They aren’t as official as they seem! And, we are here to prove that to you right now with this blog. National days have become a marketing tool for companies to promote their branding and products across social media, and […]

Beginners Guide to Keyword Research for Local SEO

Let’s dive into the world of keyword research for local SEO. Learn all about it, why it is important, how to do it plus free tools and more! What is Keyword Research? Simply put, keyword research is finding out the words, phrases and terms that people are entering into search engines. By doing this, you […]

Why Email Newsletters for Small Businesses are Important

Email newsletters for small businesses are important in the same way that any aspect of marketing is. However, the reality of the matter is time, or lack of. Like many creative elements, email newsletters take time to produce, as does curating your email list. Often these things take a back seat as running your business […]

What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media for your Small Business?

All too often, we are asked by small business owners, “When is the best time to post on social media?” The answer, sadly, is not a straightforward one. There are many factors which influence the best times to post, which we will talk about later on. But first, why are social media timings important? More […]

Why Small Businesses Should Blog

We regularly hear from our small business clients that writing a blog is way down their list of priorities. Blogging can feel a little like clutching at straws and it’s easy to quickly lose interest when you don’t see a return on your investment. But this shouldn’t be the case. The business landscape is ever-changing, […]