Your Essential National Days Guide: April 2022

The concept of national days sounds so official but trust us when we tell you.

They aren’t as official as they seem! And, we are here to prove that to you right now with this blog.

National days have become a marketing tool for companies to promote their branding and products across social media, and what better way to get people talking about your company, than creating a day dedicated to it!

Not only do companies create national days to promote their business but they also utilise existing days which is a great marketing technique (and one we use, I must add…)

National days can be used to increase engagement on your social media platforms, as it is important to not always promote your products or services (although this can be tempting)

As well as social content, they are great for blog content, increasing the traffic on your website and much more & hence why, this blog is created!

Now let’s talk through some examples of how national days in April can be used.

National Days In April

1st April Fools – Humour

April Fool’s day is a historic custom which consists of hoaxes and practical jokes. Classic April Fool’s include, “It’s snowing outside!!”, switching the sugar out for salt!! And changing the TV into a different language (Too funny, haha…)

Company’s use April Fool’s day to increase their brand awareness and to get people talking about their business.

This April Fool’s day we saw Grenade launch a protein beer in collaboration with Tiny Rebel, this got everybody talking about the two brands introducing the companies to new customers! Revealing their ACTUAL products to potential customers!

Grenade’s April Fool’s campaign is a great example of how national days and humour can be used to increase the awareness and engagement of your brand!

6th Walking Day – Get The Team Involved!

Your company’s social responsibility is important in ensuring a positive brand image! Using national days such as Walking Days gives your company the opportunity to promote healthier living and environmentally friendly changes.

Why not use a day like this to set your followers and employees a challenge such as, who can walk the furthest on the national day! This is a great way of getting people talking about your brand and increasing your social responsibility.

11th National Pet Day – This One Is Just Obvious!

Who doesn’t love a fluffy friend! National Pet Day is coming up on the 11th of April. So why not share your employees pets on your platforms, everyone loves a cute little puppy! This way your post can receive an increased amount of likes and engagement.

We can also use this day to spread images of our pets across the internet by promoting it on your businesses social media platforms, again another way of increasing the awareness of your business!!

17th Easter

Keeping your content fun and engaging, captivates your audience. Easter provides a perfect opportunity to do this!! Producing Easter related content for your followers ensures a light-hearted campaign.

Here are some fun social media ideas:

  • Spot the easter egg (hide an easter egg within an image)
  • Decorating an egg competition
  • Easter Giveaway
  • Guess the number of eggs
  • Partner with another small business

These are all EGGcellent ideas for generating fun Easter related content!!

27th Tell A Story Day – Emotive

Making sure your company is seen as human is an important element to business success! If you can do this people will more likely trust your business and feel comfortable engaging with it.

On the 27th April, it is national Tell a Story Day. Why not use this as an opportunity to tell your businesses story. This is a great way of connecting with your customers and allowing them to see who is behind the business.

This can be achieved through a blog post with social content to promote the post!

Use this day as a chance to tell your story!!

Funny Days!

National days can be more serious or a little more random and fun… Here are just some others we found!!

  • 7th Burrito Day
  • 9th Unicorn Day
  • 12th Grilled Cheese Sandwich day
  • 19th Wear Pyjamas to work day
  • 20th Banana day
  • 22nd Jellybean day
  • 24th Skipping day

Sounds like we are making them up right?

These are all considered national days, however, they have just been made up by someone like yourself!

So, why not make up your own national day? This is a great marketing campaign for your business!

If you do, be sure to let us know!!

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