Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Success

Oh look, you have found your ultimate social media checklist!

With this guide, we will make running your social media simpler, with manageable steps and advice (Told you it’s easy!)

What is a social media checklist?

A social media checklist is your go to guide of everything you need to consider, when running your socials.

They provide reminders of the best way to run your company’s socials, keep you on track and help prevent that dreaded overwhelming feeling (*shudders*)

How can it help you?

Our guide is a great way of ensuring you’re doing everything you can to run your social media accounts successfully. It keeps you on track for boosting your engagement and digital awareness amongst your competitors.

Know your audience

It is key you understand who you are talking to on your socials, this allows you to tailor your content appropriately. Allowing your audience to feel like you are talking to them.

Customer Personas

Creating a customer persona is a great start to understanding everything about your audience.

Buyer personas for social media

Considering little details can help you to gain a new outlook of your customer base.

Here are some things you should think about:

  • Their challenges
  • How do they find you?
  • What don’t they want?

Empathy Maps

An empathy map can be created alongside your customer persona, this allows you to consider your customers emotions, how do they feel about your products or services? What are their pains? What are their gains?

After you have created both of these, begin to link your social content to them. Think about what the customers want to see from you and how can you help them? How can you grab their attention?

Watch your competitors

When is the last time you checked what your competitors are doing? You must keep an eye on how they are running their socials, and you should aim to be better than them!

Have a think about how you can offer your customers something your competitors don’t, this is important as it allows you to stand out. It makes your audience think of you before others.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Have they done a giveaway?
  • Do they interact with their customers?
  • Do they provide advice?
  • Do they give discounts on their social media?

SMART Objectives

SMART Objectives For Social Media

SMART Objectives allow you to track your progress. Having an objective gives you the ability to ensure all your content is designed to make steps towards your goals.

How do SMART Objectives work? They ensure objectives are…


You need to be clear on what you want to accomplish.


The objective should be quantifiable.


It should be ambitious but not too hard, you should be able to accomplish it.


The objective should align with your business’s goals.


There should be a clear deadline and time frame for the objective.

Here are some examples of SMART Objectives:

  • “I will double the number of Instagram posts that go up weekly, to increase my brand awareness, to grow followers by 100 over the next month.”
  • Increase website traffic by 30% by increasing social media content by December 2022.
  • Create two videos on Facebook a month to share the business culture over the next 3 months.  

Using SMART Objectives allows you to track your progress and stand aligned to what you set out to achieve.

Engaging Content

Many businesses fall into the trap of pushing their product and service too intensely. This is where they are going wrong, this causes users to feel like you are forcing your business onto them! They should feel like the connection is natural.

Generally, the balance should be:

  • 1/3 about your company
  • 1/3 about other people’s content
  • 1/3 joining the conversation

Following this rule will help increase engagement for your business, growing your brand awareness in the long term. Increasing conversation with others is always a great way of building your network. Therefore, by not always pushing your business (although it is tempting…) can have greater success!

Increase Traffic to your website

Tell people what you want them to do. It is that simple.

These are called ‘Calls to actions’, they guide your audience by providing them with a prompt for how you want them to behave.

This is how you can increase the number of people that proceed to your website:

  • ‘Want to find out more? Check out our website!’
  • ‘Like what you see? Head over to our website to check it out!’
  • ‘Need further advice and support? See how we can help you on our website!’

Listen to the data

The data is there to help you. So, use it!

Discover what time your audience is engaging the most, and when are they most active? Use this to decide the best time to post your content.

Are you reaching your target audience? Look at the demographics of your social media, is it your target audience who is viewing the content? If not, think about what they would want to see and direct the content to them.

Additionally, we can also see which posts are most successful. What type of content does your audience like to see the most? Which posts get the most engagement? Increasing the most successful posts will increase the overall engagement of your social media.

Keep on brand

Keeping on brand is arguably the most important thing to remember. You need your content to be identifiable with your company. This can simply be achieved by using your brand colours and font.

This allows people to instantly associate your content with your business.

Additionally, your social media is many people’s first impression of you. So, you should, therefore, make sure it looks professional, giving your audience and potential customers the best perception of you from the start!

If you are ever in need of any advice, we are here to help you! We are experts in social media, and we can make you an expert too! Get in touch with us today if you feel you need some support with your social media.

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