Is old school marketing still effective for small businesses?

It is estimated that the average person is advertised to around 6,000 to 10,000 times PER DAY!

Think about your day.

Radio and television advertising hits us as we begin to get ready. We have already picked up our mobile devices, bleary eyed and succumb to the online marketers. Emails have been checked and saved, or deleted.

Either way you have seen the names of those companies and a part of your brain has registered them.

Old school marketing methods

In times when we would travel to work you would pass billboards, shop signs, advertisements on the sides of buses and vans, posters, banners, car stickers and even as you walk through a main shopping area you would probably recognise the smell of a shop selling shower, bath and beauty products from natural resources. A very clever marketing technique using one of our most heightened senses.

The above are examples of old school, more traditional marketing techniques still used and getting results.

At the moment we are not getting out as much as we would like to and have been relying on online marketing resources. However an old school way of thinking is still a viable option.

Which marketing is best for small business?

Here at drumBEAT Local we have strategies for every business size. So whether you’re a one man band, small or medium business we have the skills, resources and a dedicated team to tailor make marketing campaigns to you and your business.

But is traditional marketing also still effective?

The simple answer is yes.

There is no reason why, in the modern age we live in, old school marketing would not work today.

How to combine traditional marketing with modern marketing

Take the simple flyer through a letterbox. Spin it with modern marketing ideas and you have your business getting noticed in an original way. So if you were to utilise our specialist team at drumBEAT Local to execute a digital campaign incorporating retargeting afterwards, we would collate the data from the original campaign as to who was interested and who visited your website.

We will then retarget them with follow up ads just to remind them about you. Your message is in their heads already. We just give them a little reminder.

Meanwhile you can run your own analogue version of this strategy by having some unique postcards printed and sending them out to past customers, anyone who has had a quote or even just enquired. Purely to remind them that you are still there for them. Simple, yet effective. And the personal touch is always appreciated.

Networking for small business owners

Networking can be considered a thing of the past. Business owners have lives too. They have partners, families, homes, pets, cars and can more than likely use your services at some point if not straight away. If the global pandemic has taught us one thing in business it’s that we are all in this together and virtual networking is on the up. It’s looking likely that it will continue even when restrictions are lifted. A copywriter we know started his business from scratch in April 2021 with just a tablet, a wireless keyboard and the internet. He spent most of May online networking. By June he had gained 7 clients. He is even writing this blog.

Old school marketing can meet new school.

We speak to businesses of all sizes. We like to find out what marketing you currently have in place and then build a marketing strategy around you and your business. Even if marketing is not your strong point we can guide you on the options you have.

Think about the humble cake maker. There have been no weddings, celebrations or parties. Another marketing strategy will have had to be put in place. It’s time to diversify the business with treat boxes for those we would like to reach out to or thank or even just to say you’re thinking of them. Previous customers can be reminded with a quick email. We would be able to advise the baker on how to reach customers old and new with our methods. Email marketing is not a thing of the past. Previous customers like to be reminded you are still in business and thinking about them. This could spark an interest leading to a purchase or even just an enquiry.

Old school marketing techniques do not have to stay in the past

These strategies can be incorporated into your current marketing campaigns, to your target audience and work hand in hand with digital marketing resources. We have those resources at drumBEAT marketing. All you need to do is get in touch for a chat to find out more.

Want to find out more?

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