Branding & Design

To create a business that people recognise it’s essential to have consistent designs and branding that look appealing as well as providing customers with the information that they need. That’s why at drumBEAT Local we work closely with clients to produce logos, print materials and brand schemes that work for each business.


When you’re branding your business, it’s important that people recognise your brand. Through our designs we’ll create recognisable designs that look great and deliver results. Using your existing branding or working together to formulate a new style, we’ll keep you updated and informed throughout the whole design process.


When it comes to branding, the drumBEAT Local team have a wealth of experience. From working with clients in a wide range of industries to gaining qualifications, each member of the team can create effective branding strategies to help businesses and brand awareness grow.

It starts with an initial meeting to gain knowledge and share ideas and finishes with a creative branding strategy that delivers results.


Business Cards:

Having a business card that looks professional and contains enough information to make you easy to contact is often a lifeline to local businesses. At drumBEAT Local we design business cards that reflect your brand and tie into your current branding to ensure that they’re recognisable in relation to your business. Your business cards will be printed on high quality material.

If you’re thinking of re-branding before having business cards created, our design team are on hand to help


Headed Paper:

Having headed paper looks and feels professional for businesses. The design will include contact information, your company logo and graphics with your company colours incorporated. We’ll also print your headed paper for you on high quality paper.


Compliment Slips:

When sending products and mail to customers, other businesses or potential clients, compliment slips add a personal touch. We will design these to match any other printed materials that you have and will incorporate your brand colours, fonts and your logo. 


Roller Banners:

Ideal for expos, shows and local events. DrumBEAT Local’s design team will create a design that incorporates all of your company branding, logos and any imagery that you wish to feature. We’ll then send you the designs that we create to gain feedback and make any required changes. We will then have your roller banner printed for you.



Logo Design

Ideal for getting your corporate identity started. DrumBEAT Local’s design team will create a design that incorporates your company culture, identity and values. We’ll then send you the designs that we create to gain feedback and make any required changes. 


Stationary Package

Business cards, headed paper and compliment slips 



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