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The Studio Gainsborough is a well-established dance studio located in Lincolnshire, UK. The Studio which is ran by Belinda Darley and team offers an energetic and fun environment for all ages and ability, which is a message that Belinda wanted conveying on her website.

Website Build & Design

Previously, the client did not have a website, but with the expansion of a new studio and added classes, instructors and facilities the new website needed to reflect the professionalism and growth of the company.

As a result, the new custom-built website offers a selection of features such as an easily updatable class timetable, a gallery, and a mailing list sign up option. Along with all these features, the website is mobile optimised and offers a login options for clients who use the company app.

Finally, the website has been styled according to the company’s brand and personalised with professional & fun in-class photos to promote a lively and energetic theme.

Since last year, we have seen a drop in the bounce rate by 18%, which means that the people finding The Studio Website are browsing more content and looking at more pages of the site. On top of this, we’ve seen an increase of 64% of the average session duration (how long a person stays on the website and interacts with pages).

Online Marketing Strategy

Through communication and understanding the goals of the team, together we developed a killer marketing strategy. Our strategy included social media marketing to raise awareness of the classes that were held at The Studio. A combination of an engaging social media feed and targeted paid advertisements meant that their following and engagement quickly grew.

Both ourselves and The Studio team agreed that a website would benefit them. We created a website that provided information on the classes, the instructors and contained a timetable. Behind the scenes of the site, our SEO experts worked to devise a strong strategy that would see The Studio rank high within the search engines and also be easily discoverable by potential customers.

As well as online marketing efforts, as a business in the local community, it was essential for The Studio to push their brand. From banners to leaflets, The Studio logo needed to be a common sight for potential customers.

Now in a purpose-built building with studios dedicated to a huge range of classes, The Studio has classes running from early morning to the evening. With several expert instructors and people throughout the community attending classes, together with the team at The Studio’s tireless work, the marketing strategy that we devised helped to achieve their goals and beyond.