Sudari Aesthetics

Sudari Aesthetics

What We Did

Logo Design & Branding



Susan who owns Sudari Aesthetics came to us on recommendation from the team at Rochell Rose. As somebody who has been in her industry for several years she did well on recommendations and word of mouth. However, Susan wanted more business and more brand awareness. She knew what she wanted and came to us with lots of ideas. We’d identified that social media would be the best route but without a strong brand it would never do as well as it possibly could. Therefore, the first step on our journey together needed to be a logo design and a clear set of branding guidelines.

We knew that what we came up with needed to appeal to a wide audience base as Susan told us she treats a variety of customers. Our graphics design team came up with a catalogue of concepts and worked with Susan to choose the logo best suited to her brand. We’re so proud of this logo and we love seeing how much Susan and her clients enjoy it!

Social Media

The world of Aesthetics isn’t something that we were familiar with here but boy do we love a challenge! We did our research and we planned (a lot). When we presented Susan with our social media strategy she was amazed with the plan for. A brand new Facebook page was set up and optimised ready to begin the journey. Once we’d reported the results of her first Facebook ad, Susan decided to up her budget as she knew she’d get more results, and she did! Now with her clinics filling up all within a day or so of announcing them it’s been possible for Sudari Aesthetics to introduce new treatments and undertake lots of new training to be able to offer customers more.

Paid ads and regular posting that gives customers all the information they need as well as advertising new treatments has generated more business and allowed Sudari Aesthetics to become a well-known business within the community. We’re so delighted with the results we’ve achieved and the whole team looks forward to our future working together!


What The Client Says

I would highly recommend drumBEAT if you are a business, they have been so helpful with completely revamping my brand. My social media followers have increased thanks to their posting along with their design of adverts is outstanding. Always available for advice and to fulfil all my business needs, thank you guys!



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