SophieAmelia Hair

What We Did

When we first started working with Sophie Amelia they already had a brilliant brand – strong and recognisable. As the leading hair salon in the area, we had a lot to work with that’s for sure. Initially, we sat down and identified key areas which owner Sophie wanted to push and expand on. Once these were identified we got to work on creating a Facebook ad strategy. We developed audiences for targetted ads with demographics such as age, location, gender, interests and behaviours. To do this we took the information we gained from talking to Sophie and combined it with our industry knowledge. Of course, it’s not just the behind the scenes components that make for a successful ad. Our social media team have a wealth of experience creating eye-catching graphics to make sure ads are noticed. Taking the existing brand into consideration we created a catalogue of ad images for each service we planned to promote. Over time we’ve achieved incredible results for SophieAmelia and Sophie has increased her ad budget significantly and results have rocketed!

As we’ve gone further on our journey together we’ve also worked with Sophie Amelia to create a number of printed materials designed by our in-house graphics design team. We’ve taken the time to get to know the whole team and really become invested in their brand. This has given us the chance to design pieces that truly reflect the business as a whole.


What The Client Says

“I seriously can’t recommend drumBEAT Local enough, my business has picked up a huge amount since they have been on board and the guys that have been helping with my social media, graphics and my website have just been exceptional! I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for Sophie Amelia’s future but I certainly know that these guys are coming on our journey with us! Thank you Team Drumbeat, you’re awesome!”

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