Squark Interiors create unique and personal gifting and interior decor throughout the year.

Products such as vintage town and railway maps centred on a UK postcode and personal photographs being made into modern pieces of pop art are just a few examples of the wonderful, unique and luxury gifting we create.

We are offering free gift wrapping, personal handwritten gift tag and delivery to the recipient until 11th December 2020.

Squark Interiors take blank and boring interior walls in homes and businesses and transform them into inspirational spaces by using peoples stories, achievements, values and memories.

We work closely with the customer to create the ideal and unique piece for their wall that really means something to them or communicates the right message to their clientele.

This may range from wallpapers right through to a framed print and everything in between. Squark Interiors also provide this service for creating the ideal gift for someone.

I believe that people should buy less but buy more meaningful gifts, so they can evoke a happy memory every time they see it.

Thanks, Michelle!