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A marketing strategy is an action plan that helps the business achieve its goals. Consisting of a range of marketing tactics, such as advertising and branding, and developing your knowledge of your target market.

The team at drumBEAT Local work 1 to 1 with businesses to create bespoke and well-executed local marketing strategies that will help the business identify what they want to achieve, their goals, and where they should be focusing their efforts in order to meet those goals and deliver business results.

Examples of Our Work

Here are some examples of the work we have done for our clients…

Content marketing

95% of consumers say content marketing helps them to trust a brand more

Ideal length

1,000 words or less is an ideal length for an article

Companies who blog produce

67% more leads per month

Choose Your Package

Do It Yourself

Write your own, with our expert input ​

From £60 Per Month



For one-time input on your marketing strategy​

From £150



If you need constant input and expertise by your side​

From £250 Monthly


Our ​FAQs

How much input do I need to contribute?​

It depends on the package you go for. With the Monthly package, we combine our marketing expertise with your business knowledge to work together to get the best outcome.​

I am not technical, can you help me understand? ​

Absolutely, we don't over complicate things and explain it all in simple terms. Marketing strategy should be for every business, so we make it as straightforward as possible​

Why go for the Monthly package?​

With the other packages, you have the insight to go and put into practice. But, if you don't know how to, or don't have the time to, then our Monthly package is your best option. Typically clients combine this with another package, such as Social Media Management, at a reduced cost!​

Still Not ​Sure?

Strategy can sound daunting but it really shouldn't. Here are 2 examples. Can you guess which one has a marketing strategy?

Which one would you rather be?

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