5 quick tips to use Instagram for small business

There are currently, 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram although this might sound daunting, it’s actually a fantastic opportunity to grow your small business by creating and using an Instagram account.  Now more than ever is the time to sign up and get noticed! Just think how many people you could reach, if you harnessed […]

Pinterest for Small Businesses: A Beginners Guide to Using Pinterest

Pinterest for small businesses can often take a backseat, with the priority focus on Facebook and Twitter. However, Pinterest for small businesses is a great marketing platform. Pinterest can be a really powerful platform, especially those with products to sell. Pinterest is totally different to other, more mainstream, social networks in how it works and […]

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn: 6 Actionable Tips in 2020

LinkedIn is a great resource for your business in terms of networking, making connections and promoting yourself and your brand. It’s a resource that you need to make the most of going beyond just a standard social media platform. LinkedIn provide a wide range of free resources ensuring that you’re provided with expert advice on […]

7 Reasons why SMEs need a Social Media Strategy in 2020

As a small business owner, social media strategy might not mean a great deal to you. However, as you will know, social media is everywhere and there is no escaping it. This is even if you don’t use or understand it yourself! Social media is an extremely useful tool which you can utilise to expand […]