The Latest Ad Format from Pinterest: Promoted Carousels


Pinterest released a new ad format late last year. We’ve been using Pinterest ads for numerous clients and thought that it could be handy for lots of businesses to learn how to make the most out of their latest ad format! Promoted Carousels are a great way for businesses to showcase their products and services without having to choose just one image.

Carousel ads give you the opportunity to tell your audience a story. Great for industries with a large visual aspect such as hair, beauty, retail and fashion. Here are our top tips for carousel ads and a handy ‘how to’ guide!

Carousel Ads in a Nutshell

For the first time, Pinterest Business users are able to use up 5 images in one ad. If somebody is using Pinterest it’s because they’re looking for inspiration and ideas so they’re already in an ideal position for you to put your brand and your products in front of them. Tap into their open mindset and make them excited about you!

Promoted Carousels are there for businesses setting out to achieve goals around brand awareness and performance. From driving traffic to their website to achieving those all-important conversions.

Benefits to this new ad format include the opportunity to show a products many features, show products often bought together, care kits to go with your star product. As well this, they’re a great way to tell your brands’ story to those already engaged users.

Each card in a Promoted Carousel can include a different image, title, description and landing page. This allows businesses like you to use your creative flair and show your users exactly why they should be engaging with your business.

Users will see a Carousel as they would any other Pin in their feed and can swipe through it from their news feed meaning that they won’t experience the irritation of losing their place in their feed due to another ad. They can easily tap the Carousel to view the image and landing page making it easier than ever to engage with you.

How To Create A Promoted Carousel:

  • When you’re on the Ads homepage, click Create Ad or click the red plus button.
  • Select your campaign objective.
  • Add your title and your ad budget. You can leave the field blank if you’re not looking to promote your carousel.
  • Find the toggle button that’s next to “Make this ad a carousel” and switch to the Click continue.
  • Title your ad group, add targeting details and then set your bid if you’re promoting it.
  • Select a carousel you’ve previously created OR select Create carousel.
  • Upload between 2 and 5 quality images in the order you want them to be in your Carousel.
    Static images only. The aspect ratio must be either 1:1 (Square) or 2:3 (Vertical). Click on the pencil symbol on the image to edit aspect ratios.
  • Insert your title and description. To have a different text on each image, toggle the button that reads “apply text to all” to off. Otherwise, it will copy the title and description to each card in your carousel.
  • Put in a destination URL – cards can link to the same or to different web pages.
  • Choose a board for the carousel to be in by clicking on the board.
  • Finally, click Review ad.

Once they’ve been created you can’t edit them so make sure they’re perfect before you submit them for review. If your Carousel is promoted the charges for impression of the Pin will be as one – not per swipe. Reporting will represent the Pin as a single Pin and won’t reflect engagement with each card.


Here at drumBEAT Local, our team has knowledge and experience in creating powerful ads for a range of businesses. We take time to research your audience and potential customers so we can target your ads to the correct users. If you’d like our guidance with your ads don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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